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Specialists in the sale, restoration, trackday or race preparation of those automotive performance icons of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that ushered in a new direction for motoring.

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The Workshop week 30/9/15

BMW M3 Ravaglia (E30)
It was nice to be reunited with the red e30 M3 Ravaglia you see above, and its happy owner.

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Martini Racing and M Power Furniture

We are really pleased to introduce a great addition to our long standing bespoke Art Ball and Egg Chair range. The new Nakka table…

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The Workshop week 14/8/15

This E34 M5 Touring is a lovely example of a rare car – a 3.8, 5-speed M5. One we know very well, having sold to the current owner 14 years ago, and still as good as the day he picked it up.

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The Workshop week 7/8/15

When we received this blue R32, the instruction from the owner was simple: ‘Inspect, report & make sure I’m still driving it in 20 years’…

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Classic Heroes at the 360 motor racing club six-hour at Snetterton

Barney competed at Snetterton with his old friend Edward, in a Group-N e30 M3. A ‘Group N’ car…

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Workshop special - We’re building a 1974 Gruppe 2 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car!

As some of our customers may already know, we’ve started to build something rather special. We’re aiming to create one of the most authentic replica group 2 CSL’s in the world. No small task, I’m sure you’ll agree!

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Latest Cars for Sale

BMW E30 Alpina C2 2.7

Back in the 1990’s we enjoyed looking after many Alpina C2 2.7s in all their body designs reasonably often and looked after many. Who would have thought that these cars would be so tricky to find twenty years later.

BMW E30 325i Motorsport Convertible

The E30 3 series now speaks for itself as a true motoring icon of the 70s. The shape is timeless and that great combination of boxes, the bonnet, the cabin and the boot make it a truly classic and very clever bit of design.

Polaris Silver City Pack 3.0 CSL

Without doubt, this was the birth of BMW Motorsport, where dreams were made and legends created. The E9 CSL is truly iconic in the history of BMW.