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Specialists in the sale, restoration, trackday or race preparation of those automotive performance icons of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that ushered in a new direction for motoring.

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For Sale Extraordinary Alpina 3.0 CSL B2S

It is Alpina that we always thanked for the birth of the 3.0 CSL

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For Sale BMW M1 7,200 KM

A complicated and tricky start to the M1s production make her the car she is today…

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For Sale Group N E30 M3 Race Car

A joy to drive is how I would describe this lovely restored E30 M3. I was lucky enough to co-drive her with the owner in a 6 hour race at Snetterton last year…

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E46 M3 Track Car

The owner of this weapon originally bought an M3 CSL for his trackdays. At first this was fine. But it was not long before he found the car a bit compromised and still too close to a road car.

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The Workshop Week 8/10/16

Mercedes e500 W124
The handsome silver machine you can see up on the ramp is the 500e, one of the great ‘Q’ cars that truly deserves the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ moniker.

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Back to the future

The very lucky new owner of this gorgeous e30 325 convertible is revisiting an old flame. She was lucky enough to own one brand new back in the 80s.

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Latest Cars for Sale

BMW Z8 only one owner from new

Unique. Fascinating. Brutal. Unprecedented. Head-Turner. Beautiful. Just some of the words that over time have been used to describe BMW’s extravagant, 400 BHP, all aluminium Z8 roadster.

BMW E36/8 Z3 M Coupe Cosmos Black

Back in 1998 this was the car for those who found the M3 too soft, too understated, and the M roadster too fragile. In other words “the ultimate driving machine” was back and begging to be driven.

BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo

Twenty nine years after its birth, the E30 M3 is still recognised by the press and motoring enthusiasts alike as one of the most well balanced and flattering saloon car chassis of all time…