Welcome to Classic Heroes

We’re specialists in modern classic automotive icons from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and noughties. Cars that moved motoring into the modern era – offering turnkey reliability and a staggering breadth of dynamic ability, whilst providing a purity of driving experience sometimes lacking in new machinery. In short, cars that quicken the pulse, raise a smile and simply beg to be driven.


We only offer cars for sale that meet our exacting criteria and represent the best of the marque to ensure you become the new custodian of a fabulous vehicle with no headaches down the road.

We also provide a wide range of workshop services from an oil change to a complete nut-and-bolt restoration of your vehicle. Barney and his team of expert mechanics have many, many years’ experience keeping the best from Munich, Buchloe and Stuttgart in fine fettle, as well as an eclectic mix of models from hot-hatches to muscle cars

Track day and race preparation
Barney’s international reputation for technical excellence combined with infectious enthusiasm means he’s had the privilege to restore, maintain and exercise some illustrious race winners; from Lauda’s championship-winning M1 Procar to Ravaglia’s 1990 Italian championship-winning M3. So, if your track day toy needs maintaining, or if you’d like to commission us to build a Group N racing car from the ground up, we’ve got the skill, knowledge and passion to make it a reality.