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Audi RS4 Supercharged



Engine Capacity

Exterior Colour

Interior Colour



Sprint Blue

Black Recaro leather

       roup B rally would be instrumental in shaping the future of Audi. In 1980 the Audi Quattro came sliding onto the world rally stage, the first to compete with the decisive 4 wheel drive powertrain. It proved to be a huge success leaving competitors racing to catch up and develop and implement their own 4WD system, with the likes of Subaru, Peugeot and of course Lancia hot on their dust cloud! 


The quattro badge would make its way onto production cars for the next 40 years, offering unbeatable power delivery and surefooted handling in all weather conditions.


Audi would capitalise on their motorsport pedigree with the creation of the 'RS' badge, reserved only for the most powerful of performance creations. RennSport, or ‘Racing Sport’ in the king’s tongue, was first used in 1994 on the Audi B4 RS2 Avant. The RS line would mark a significant moment in Audi’s place in the market, with BMW’s M department and the executives at AMG forced to sit up and take notice. A decade later, the B7 RS4 would go on to sell around 10,000 units worldwide and would go down as one of the most comprehensive super saloons in history.  


The B7 RS4 struck a chord with the modern petrol head, balancing the responsibilities of work and family life with tyre shredding power and handling, it was a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. In a market that was quietly substituting large displacement V8’s in favour of smaller turbocharged climate solutions and clever flappy paddle transmissions, the writing was on the wall for the V8. Thankfully, Audi decided it wasn’t going down without a fight! The petrolhead was rewarded with a proper mechanical bolt action six-speed manual gearbox, the perfect instrument to lead a symphony of V8 crackles and burbles - eat your heart out Beethoven!             

The B7 RS4 is often praised for how well the interior weathers the hardships of everyday life, ageing better than even its successor. 

Large leather Recaro bucket seats dominate the cabin and cocoon the driver, with carbon fibre trim accenting the dashboard, door cards and centre console, it's an interior designed to send one message and one message only, 'Buckle Up!' 

Presented in an iridescent Sprint Blue Metallic, the cool tone hits the mark of lairy competition styling whilst adding some fun and levity to a muscular and minimal bauhaus design.

But, this is no ordinary RS4... 

Uprated H&R anti roll bars team up with Bilstein B16 PSS9 adjustable coilovers to help keep cornering in check, replacing the standard dynamic ride controlled (DRC) suspension. Other than performance improvements to the handling, this circumvents long term ownership costs and potential problems with the DRC system.      


The RS4 from factory came with an already impressive pair of front brake calipers, lifted directly off a Lamborghini Gallardo, these have been replaced on this RS4 with large 6 Pot billet aluminium items from MovIt - including ginormous 396mm carbon ceramic disc brakes up front with smaller vented steel plates at the rear. After all, there's no need to go overboard. 

The 4.2 litre V8, lifted from the Audi R8 was an impressive and lauded engine from the off. Supercar credentials in an understated and practical package. Producing 414 bhp in standard tune, it was never an engine in want of power, with a whopping torque figure of 430 N⋅m at 5,500 rpm, offering buttery smooth power delivery all throughout the rev range.  

Enter, Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM), a small tuning company based in Wettstetten, Germany. Founder and lead engineer Roland Mayer was involved in the development of the 5 cylinder turbo that made the quattro Group B race car so legendary. It’s safe to say MTM know their way around an Audi. 



Service History 

Previous Owners



Full History



First Registered 20/07/2006


Previous Owners: 4 

4.2 Litre V8


Sprint Blue Metallic

Black Leather Recaro Sports Seats

Electric Heated Seats

MTM Supercharger Kit

MTM Sports Cat

MTM Downpipe

MTM Cat-Back Exhaust System 

Bilstein B16 PSS9 Coilover Suspension

H&R Uprated Anti Roll Bars

MovIt Carbon Ceramic 396mm Front Discs

MovIt 6 Pot Brake Calipers Front

MovIt Rear Brake Caliper 

Cool Box In Glovebox Compartment

Carbon Fibre Interior Trim

Wind Deflector

Bose Sound System

CD Multichanger

19” Alloy Wheels 

Automatic Light Sensors

Automatic Rain Sensors 

Auto Dimming Rear-View Mirror

Auto Folding Side Mirrors

Air Conditioning 

Satellite Navigation System

MTM have fitted their own proprietary supercharger kit to the Audi's naturally aspirated V8, elevating the torque from 430 N⋅m to 560 N⋅m at a much more immediate 3,700rpm. In addition to the increased pulling power of the 4WD Audi, bhp increases from 414bhp to 508 bhp (though rumour has it this RS4’s power figure has increased further to be around 540 bhp since its recorded Dyno test). This RS4 is about one thing, getting you to the where the action happens much, much quicker. 


Such a large supercharger requires gases to be expelled post haste. The RS4 has been fitted with MTM's own downpipe, sports catalyst and full stainless steel exhaust system, which other than sounding and looking fantastic, has aided in the fine tuning and performance of this engine.     

Only four RS4’s in the UK received the MTM Supercharger treatment, this example being the only convertible in the UK. As exclusivity goes, this RS4 certainly has plenty of reason to look  pleased with itself!

The current owner is a good friend and longtime customer of ours with a vast collection and a no-expense spared approach to ownership. The RS4 has been in his ownership since 2019, with services carried out no later than every five thousand miles since the supercharger upgrades were fitted at 23k miles.  

This RS4 is beautifully presented but will nonetheless also pass through our workshop and undergo a thorough list of pre-sale preparation work, including: 

Oil and Safety Service, replace all hose clips under bonnet, re-route breather hose, replace bonnet sound deadening, replace adaptive headlight.  


In addition to carrying out these repairs, the vehicle will undergo our full future-proofing program. The underside will be thoroughly washed clean of contaminants, before a final application of protective clear cavity wax to ensure the bodywork is protected before being carefully reassembled and enjoyed for years to come. 

We are delighted to offer this incredible supercharged Audi RS4. The car will be handed over to the new owner with all original service wallet, handbooks, fully stamped service book, original brochures, keys, tools and a comprehensive history file and a fresh 1 year MOT.

Please enquire with Barney for full details of this blisteringly quick Audi RS4.

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