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Barney's Vlog

Your regular dose of Classic Heroes

With decades of experience restoring, maintaining and racing performance and classic cars, Barney Halse can offer you rare insight into what it takes to keep your car running as it should, as well as the modern classic car market and the various things to consider when looking at buying that one special machine.

Barney lives and breathes BMW in all its forms, from everything made by M GmbH, through to the unique cars fettled by Alpina, as well as the iconic variants of 3 series, 5 series and 7 series, such as the E30, E34, E28 and E38. But that's not where his expertise ends - Barney and the team at Classic Heroes have a wealth of experience with other performance cars, such as the Porsche 911, Mercedes AMG and hot hatchbacks such as the Peugeot 205 GTi, Golf GTi, Golf R32 and Renault Clio Williams to name just a few.

Watch Barney's Vlog to see what's new in our workshop and experience what it's like to work on and maintain some very special classic and modern classic cars.

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