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BMW E9 3.0 CSL

Restoration Project


             e have available a right hand drive 3.0 CSL City Pack car in need of full restoration.  The chassis number is 2285446. The car is matching numbers and original colour was Ceylon Gold. 


The car was stripped to a bare shell and then the body shell restoration was started. Brand new factory front panel, rear panel, inner sills, sill membranes, outer sills, rear wings, boot floor sections where replaced. The work is not to the highest of standards which is a shame considering over £10,000 was spent on the panels.  The current value of CSLs today would justify doing this work to a higher standard.


It was at this point the owner became too sick to complete the project and unfortunately the alloy bonnet, alloy boot-lid, alloy doors, bumpers and Scheel seats are missing.  These where sent away for blasting and re-trimming but the family have no idea where they were sent. I have tried to locate these parts and failed. 


Apart from that the car is complete but stripped to a bare shell. The engine is also stripped but all the components are in the kit of parts. 


Please feel free to contact Barney to discuss. 


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