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       is for Zukunft. Translates to “future”.  Despite the passing of three decades, it is a designation still well-deserved today. The styling of the Z1 was way ahead of its time.  Yes, the electric dropping doors were of course very futuristic but so was the shape. They say engineering that works, always looks right to the eye. 


BMW Technic was the in-house department of BMW, founded in 1985 to explore and challenge conventional design. It was this small and exciting new team that must be remembered for the BMW Z1. 

People still stand and stare at a Z1 today and the first time the doors are operated, jaws drop. “That’s 30 years old” is the usual quote as they rush off to get their friends to ensure they do not miss the show. These disappearing doors make a quick drop into a petrol station almost impossible as bigger and bigger crowds amass around the car. 

Few today realise just how special the Z1 was and how it pushed the boundaries of conventional car design in both materials and construction techniques. The manufacture of the galvanised box section shell incorporating an alloy bolt in torque-tube between the gearbox and differential meant almost zero scuttle shake. The top half of the car had an extremely low drag coefficient for the time, whilst even the rear exhaust box was part of the underside aero package increasing rear end down-force. The development of the plastic panels and even the special paint designed for this thermoplastic, saw the first plastic production car with true German build quality and without that kit car feel so often afflicting cars with no metal exterior panels.  Safety features were developed in the form of side impact protection enabling the Z1 to be driven with the doors down. The front screen pillars hide proper roll over protection. The Z1 was the first car to feature BMW’s highly regarded Z-axle seen on all later 3-series models. Even the bumpers featured shock-absorbing qualities. The Z1 concept was truly ahead of its time. 

Despite all the new innovation, living with a Z1 on a daily basis was made easy as 80% of the mechanical components were borrowed from the highly developed and tested E30 325i. Driving a Z1 today still blows your mind. The car is utterly usable and far from the idiosyncratic diva you might expect from its futuristic design. Truly go-kart like handling but with a subtle ride that crosses continents at high speed in comfort.

35,000 Miles
Top Red 
Nubuck Grey / Grey leather interior
Full-Service History

This Z1 has been a long term resident at Hero Motor Company. We have been responsible for the care and giving advice to the previous owner for many years.  This owner being intolerant of classic cars, ensured that this Z1 has wanted for nothing during his ownership and that not just the scheduled routine maintenance has been carried out but also a proper program of age-related maintenance.  During his care since the car arrived in the UK, it has wanted for nothing. 

Built in 1989 and supplied new to the first owner in France, the car was imported to the UK in 1997 by the first UK owner. Having now enjoyed some time in the third owners highly curated collection, he is parting with it due to lack of opportunity to drive it. A full-service history example and featuring a packed document file containing every invoice right back to the 2,000 KM running in service, now having covered only 56,000 KM from new (35,000 miles). 

The car has recently passed through the workshop for an Inspection II service, new radiator, new cam belt and pulley, new front brake discs and pads, new brake hoses and new wheel arch liner.  2000 KM ago, all the coolant hoses, fuel hoses and water pump were replaced as sensible preventive maintenance. The previous owner has changed the rear exhaust box for purely cosmetic reasons as, like so many owners, he wanted the twin exit look that the Z1 lacked and was criticised for. This is easily converted back to standard. Packed in the boot is a wind deflector. 

Please call Barney for full details of this stunning BMW Z1.  

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