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Readers Drives...E9 3.0 CSL

After taking delivery of my new E9 3.0 CSL, I have to say it is fabulous. Being an experienced classic car owner, in a short time, I can quite honestly say it is the best classic I have ever owned. This is both from a visual perspective, handling and usability. Sitting on Billstein shocks, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in a modern sports GT. There is precious little body roll and the ride is smooth yet firm when needed. This is a forgiving car, and I can chuck it around like a modern John Cooper works mini! The steering is accurate and the feel of the original flat steering wheel rim is the stuff of legends. Brakes are firm and progressive, and the sound of the engine reminds me of the old air cooled Porsche 911 crossed with the old Alfa 1750 GTV but with more crackles on the over-run added for good measure. These are sounds created by engines and exhaust combinations to rival the greatest tunesmiths.

Back to the visuals. The simple lines and pillar less windows give the car a 60s/70s modernist gem appearance. It is the sort of car that goes with the Kino International building on Karl Marx Allee in Berlin, which is a design icon. Internally, the styling is very hand built and slightly agricultural, but it sort of goes with the territory of a road we accept; in any case this minor downside is more than made up for by the comfortable Scheel seats. Though beware, they do feel fragile, and I suspect over time, money may have to be saved for inevitable repairs to these.

So in conclusion, for those out there looking for the right classic, this is it. For me, its a big change from the V8 muscle I have been used to. There is more poise and balance here, and the looks are staggering. If I had the money, I would have one for racing too. its that kind of car.

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