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2015 Nurburgring 24 Hour

Classic Heroes attended the 2015 Nurburgring 24 Hour.

The event was as fantastic as ever with mixed weather which always adds to the excitement.

This was the last year we would see the awesome 4.4 litre V8 powered BMW Z4 GT3 cars. The lead was fought between BMW and Audi with the finish resulting in an Audi win, BMW second and Porsche 3rd.

Our main focus for the weekend was on the E36 M3. The second oldest car on the grid only to an Opel Manta that appears every year.

The first task of the weekend was a trip to the official 24 Hour rolling road at Manthey Motorsport to ensure the car met its Gr N regulations and was within 5% either way of the originals cars power to weight ratio. Scrutineering next. This was made more complicated than usual as the technical regulations are only published in German. Some quick modifications were made to bring to extra driving lights inside of the bodywork. A new reg for 2015.

Practice is split in to day and night with all drivers having to practice in both. The car qualified 98th on the grid out of 160 starters. Impressive for over 21 years old.

Well despite it’s age this beautifully prepared Group N E36 M3 raced the whole 24 hours faultlessly. A first lap shove from a pair of Clio’s dicing for early positions put the car in the gravel with steering damage. That lead to an early unscheduled 30 minute, 3 lap stop for repairs and then back out. The 3 driver team drove 7 lap stints which is all that the fuel capacity would allow in the dry. An adjustment was made to the now very low driving lamps following their early trip in to the gravel once it started to get dark. A new set of carbon metallic brake pads early on Sunday morning was the full extent of the race maintenance. Credit to the high level of preparation.

After 24 hours of superb driving the M3 was bought home 69th overall and 4th in class.

To put you in the picture, this race is like driving from here to Moscow in 24 hours, flat out. Imagine what that does to car and drivers.

  • 15.7 Miles per lap

  • 119 laps

  • 1860 Miles

  • 21,420 corners

  • 5,950 gear changes

  • 18 fuel and pit stops

  • 6 litres Castrol Edge engine oil

  • 800 litres of fuel

  • 16 slick tyres

  • 4 wet tyres

  • Fastest practice lap 10 minutes 11 seconds

  • Fastest race lap 10 minutes 10 seconds

The Sunday night team celebration was a collection of blood shot eye’s and zombie’s all suffering from sleep deprivation.

A brilliant job. Well done!!

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