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Is this the last daily driver E30 M3?

It’s always great to see this particular E30 M3 for her annual makeover. My chum bought this car from me in July 1999 with only 91,000 KM and I have cared for her ever since. Actually, from memory I first met this M3 in about 1995 when I was caring for her for the previous owner. He remains a valued customer to this day, as the Classic Heroes team continue to care for his E46 M3 track car and his E46 M3 CSL.

Back to this particular E30, which we know intimately and always puts a smile on our faces. The current owner is a true motoring enthusiast. His current and previous stable has contained a Fiat 850 Spider, Mk 2 Golf GTI, 3.0 CSL, Alpina C2 2.7, Alpina B3 Bi Turbo, Mk2 Triumph Vitesse ragtop, VW Beatle and MK 1 Golf GTI.

His M3 has now covered 201,000 KM and is a daily driver. She drives superbly and there is a reason for this. With the right owner and care, excercise is often the best form of maintenace. This one actually goes out in the wet! Almost considered a criminal activity now.

Anyway, we salute him. You have to ask who is having the most fun from his car?


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