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The eighties saw lots of white interiors popular with lots of manufacturers. They were a must for the car nut without kids. The wear and tear showed rather quickly.

During the nineties and in to the naughties we were often asked to retrim leather interiors to rather more traditional blacks, dark blues and greys. It was just so much more practical and white interiors had become rather passé.

With these cars now rising in value dramatically the emphasis is now on originality and these kitsch interiors are now all the rage again.

This particular E30 convertible had been loved a little too much by the family who enjoyed her for the last 13 years. The summer daily driver and many family holidays had left the Lotus White leather looking very poor indeed. A rather nasty grubby grey in fact.

We a thrilled with the result of three days work. Very careful cleaning back, leather food and very sympathetically recolouring have created an as new Lotus white interior.

The owner had better dig out his Pringle jumper collection.

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