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Workshop special - We’re building a 1974 Gruppe 2 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car!

As some of our customers may already know, we’ve started to build something rather special. We’re aiming to create one of the most authentic replica group 2 CSL’s in the world. No small task, I’m sure you’ll agree!

So, where to start? With a donor vehicle. We were lucky enough to obtain a completely rot-free carburettor CSL, and we’ve had the privilege to have access to, and copy an original works shell in minute detail to ensure utter period authenticity.

As you’ll see from the gallery below, we’re getting near to completing the structural modifications required to progress to the next stage of the build. We’ve made a curved section in the floor to house the side-exit exhaust pipes, removed, strengthen, reinforce & refit the front chassis legs – as done with the original works cars in-period – to lower the car, and also made rear suspension modifications. At the back we’ve relocated the rear turret mounting points to the top of the rear parcel shelf to accommodate racing parts. The final structural job on our list is to fit a current, FIA-approved roll-cage and then she’ll be ready for painting prior to us getting stuck in with the oily bits.

We’re pretty excited about this project, and we’ll be putting updates on the build up here from time-to-time, so watch this space!

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