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Sweet dreams are made of E3's

Who am I to disagree? Well that’s how the song goes…

My job is made even more worthwhile when I see a middle aged man behaving like a school boy, drooling over his dream classic car.

When John walked in to my office this morning, the first thing he told me was that he had been awake since 3.00am with excitement.

Sometimes things are just meant to happen. Fate.

Two weeks ago I got a call from a chap who is a self-confessed E3 enthusiast who had seen the 3.0 SI Estate we have for sale on our website. As the only survivor, he asked if he could pay us a visit to see the car. I explained that he would be welcome as we always embrace friendly enthusiasts who just want to have a look round. We never get complacent about the cars we care for at Classic Heroes.

After showing John around, he explained that he had owned a 2500 Saloon back in the 80s and like so many of us had to sell it for financial reasons.

He explained that his dream for years has been to own another 2500 in Chamonix white.

Well by pure luck, I was able to make this dream come true. Hidden away in our storage facility awaiting mechanical restoration was, you guessed it, a Chamonix white 2500.

John and I sat in the office and quickly thrashed out a deal. The look on his face was an absolute picture.

John is now the proud owner of a totally structurally original and un-welded 2500 with an as new interior. The car survived so fantastically having spent most of it’s life in Mozambique with the British Ambassador.

Payment will be made with Ferrero Rocher due to the ambassadorial history of this car.


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