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Sometimes it pays to be B10....

I am hugely privileged to get to drive some of the world’s most exotic and exciting cars and yet every so often, one comes along that leaves a really deep impression on me.

This particular car is one of those. I covered about 100 miles in the car over about 2 weeks and found it very hard to let it go back to the lucky owner.

The Alpina B10 V8 was based on the standard BMW 540i. Alpina worked their magic and took the 540i to an even higher level enabling them to offer a more refined and luxurious alternative to the E39 M5. This example came at the very end of production and was the final evolution of the B10 V8 and was known as the V8S. This saw capacity raised to 4837 cc, a lift in horsepower to 375bhp and a staggering 510Nm of torque. This power was delivered through the 5 speed automatic gearbox with Alpina Switch-Tronic gear change system. Alpina then added their own suspension, exhaust system, larger brakes, aerodynamic aids, wheels, steering wheel, Alpina interior trim and Alpina stitched leather.

This car was bought to us for a full workshop check over and report. The instruction from the owner was to bring her cosmetically back to stunning condition and to mechanically prepare her for the next 5-10 years of reliable motoring. A programme of work was prepared covering obvious faults, cosmetics, and preventive maintenance to ensure total corrosion prevention and those irritating older car failures are eliminated.

The exterior of the car was re-sprayed, some new high gloss black trim fitted, wheels refurbished, new badges and to finish the cosmetics off, it was decided to fit a new set of M5 mirrors.

The underside of the car was then very carefully cleaned. Any tiny areas of surface corrosion taken back to bare metal, treated, etch primer applied, Gravitex and painted as required. The body shell cavities then injected with Waxoyl and all joints, spot welds and double skinned panels treated with Tectyl ML.

Mechanically the car wanted for nothing, Inspection II service, new coolant and brake fluid, all new coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, water pump, thermostat, engine oil seals, cam cover gaskets, engine coolant cover gasket, brake discs, pads, sensor, exhaust rubbers, PDC sensors, dash board display pixels repaired, radio amplifier repaired, under trays, wiper blades, heated seat element, roll bar dive links and tailgate wiring repaired.

Although I really did not want to hand this fantastic Touring back, we wish the owner many happy miles in this super cool estate car.

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