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Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn - CSi now ready to fly

This BMW 850 CSI was another project that has been completed ready for the owners summer holiday.

The 850 CSI took the 850 I (BMWs flagship GT car) to an even higher level. Only 160 right hand drive examples of this ridiculously expensive, high performance GT car were produced. BMW Motorsport were approached to breathe their magic on the project. The engine was built by BMW Motorsport, taken to 5.6 litre with 380 BHP and 550Nm of torque. All were produced in 6 speed manual and benefitted from limited slip differential, sports exhaust system, quicker steering box, Motorsport suspension, Motorsport brakes, larger wheel options, rear wheel steer, Sports front seats, Motorsport steering wheel plus the stunning Motorsport front and rear bumpers and aerodynamic mirrors.

This much loved 850 CSI is bring prepared for the summer as the owner has a European touring holiday planed. The first problem was the rear wheel steer failure (AHK unit). This took a lot of investigation. The stored fault codes in the module showed a potentiometer failures in the AHK unit. A new unit is still available from BMW but at a whopping £5000. It was decided to open up the unit and look at the potentiometers inside. We found these to be dirty and all that was necessary was a clean and thus saving the owner £5000.

This holiday preparation included an annual service, all four wheels refurbished, new high pressure AHK and power steering pipes being made up as the originals are no longer available from BMW, the on-board computer pixels repaired, radio converted to use iPod, and headlight aims adjusted. Finally the underside of the car was thoroughly cleaned and inspected for corrosion. The structure of the car was found to be in very good health with only the smallest little areas of surface corrosion to sill edges and floors. These were cleaned back to bare metal, treated with a rust neutraliser, etch primer, Gravtitex and body colour as required. The whole structure and the cavities were then sympathetically treated with clear wax.

Another one finished and ready to be waved off!

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