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Well that's another fine mess.....

And finally after a slightly turbulent and stressful start to the building work here, we are now fully up and running in our 100 sq/m workshop extension. The building completion has enabled us to welcome a new talent to the workshop team, Jevan Keeys who recently joined us from the McLaren team in Woking. This is going to reduce the wait for you our very patient customers.

The building project was rescued by a local builder who is a customer with an E39 M5 and track day E36 M3. I can't tell you how grateful we are to him for taking over the project.

We are booked for over 12 months with restoration work that runs alongside the more routine daily work on the classics we care for. Barry is now starting work on completing our additional 200 sq/m of car storage. We hope this will be open late this year and we already have space in the new building reserved.

Seriously, if anybody local is looking for a truly talented and efficient builder with imagination I could not recommend Barry Bidewell more highly.

Thank you Barry!

Some of the cars we are responsible for and store on behalf of their owners are now starting to return to us as autumn is here. We have said our goodbyes to many overseas customers who have now handed back their pride and joys and are back off to far flung corners of the planet.

As part of the preparation before these cars go back into storage, it is necessary to carry out their annual valeting. In the case of this M3 CSL and Porsche 3.2 Carrera, they both had full paint correction and enhancement, followed by ceramic protection coat. This was also applied to the CSL's carbon roof panel.



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