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The Magic Carpet

Calling all BMW fanatics, we need your help!

One of our loyal customers recently dropped off his very low mileage (and extremely cool) BMW E31 840Ci Sport Individual for us to carry out a full inspection and attend to any maintenance or corrosion issues that might be present.

We opened his car's door to find this very unusual patterned carpet staring back at us, which we believe to be based on engineering drawings. Obviously fitted from new, however when we reviewed the original build sheet, the carpet was listed as 'Special Upholstery Option Code Z1XX' this is the option code used for any Individual interior.

We have never in all our years working on BMWs, seen this carpet design in an E31 before. I vaguely recollect this design being used in another application, however being the huge BMW geeks that we are, we desperately need to know more about this designs history.

If you've seen this unusual carpet pattern before, or have any information about it, we’d be very interested in hearing from you as it's driving us a bit crazy not knowing!

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