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Our aim here at Classic Heroes is to ensure as many modern performance cars, progress through time and owners with the right level of maintenance to ensure that they evolve in to a Classic Hero as the years pass.

As cars hit the 3 - 4 year old mark, and usually at this point are being sold to the second or third owner, these cars start the most dangerous period of their lives. It is during this period of the cars life, and dependent on the type of second and third owner, that the most irreversible damage is likely to be done. It is actually during this transitional period from Performance Hero to Classic Hero that most of the damage is done to a car. Two main factors contribute to the slow deterioration in a cars overall condition, even though the car is owned by an enthusiast.

The first is a service schedule that is written by the manufacturer. This schedule is a compromise to get the car through the first 4 years and out of warranty periods safely and reliably, whilst also ensuring that the marketing guys behind new car sales can make the point that this car is affordable to run. The only way this is done is by stretching service intervals, hence keeping service costs down for that first owner.

Look at the condition of this spark plug removed from this M3. Plugs historically would be changed at about 20,000 miles, whereas now plug life is stretched to 40,000 miles and beyond. Look at the gap on the old plug compared to the new. That’s an engine that will never run as efficiently as it should.

The second problem is one we are all guilty of. These cars still look and drive like new when they are a few years old and this causes us to quickly forget that the car may actually be 4-8 years old. Time marches on quickly and we just forget the age and always convince ourselves that the car is only a few years old. So often I sit here with a customer, show them a problem that needs addressing on their car and they turn round and say “that’s disappointing Barney. The car is only a few years old”. I then point out that their car is actually 8, 9 or 10 years old.

An E92 M3 like this example is just such a car. We are lulled into thinking they are a new car still. After all we remember the manufacturer launch as if it were only last year but this car is already 10 years old.

Luckily for this M3, the owner is a chap that gets it! He understands that preventive maintenance is always the cheaper long term option.

It was booked in with us for routine service work but the owner wanted to take this opportunity to have his pride and joy properly cleaned underneath, inspected for signs of corrosion and all the cavities and vulnerable joints and spot welds protected with clear cavity wax.

To watch a film we made about this, click on the image below.

Its lovely to work with owners like this and lovely to know that this is an E92 M3 that will pass to Classic Heroes status as the years go by.

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