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Following a staff meeting this morning and after great deliberation, it has been decided that it is only right that we close our business as of 5:30pm today.

The Government have made it very clear that it is only essential business that is to continue trying to operate as normal as possible during these difficult times.

Classic Heroes is not classed as an essential business, we are at the leisure end of the motor industry. The cars we specialise in are second cars and our toys. Our moral compass is pointing in the direction of total support of the Government and our NHS and for that reason we have chosen to close.

Whilst on lock down, all enquiries can be emailed to

During this shut down, please keep an eye on our social media and newsletter for articles and any further updates.

We hope you manage to stay safe and well and we look forward to resuming normal service when it is totally safe to do so.

Keep an eye on Barney's vlog for updates, which can be found by clicking here.

Best regards,

The Classic Heroes Team


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