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Jay Kay rallies around....

I first met Jay Kay in 1991 when he visited and purchased from my Dad and I a 2002 Turbo and Genuine 3.0 CSL Batmobile.

That 29 year relationship has always proved exciting and we have sold and helped with many of Munich’s finest that have been in the Jamiroquai collection. 3.3 Lia, M635, CSL to name but a few.

Jay Kay contacted me and asked if this E30 M3 would be suitable for competing in the Rally Clasico Mallorca. With a small amount of work, I explained that it would be a great weapon for such and event. It was a great opportunity for Classic Heroes to be involved in such a project and for one of my oldest customers.

This particular M3 was prepared with a modified 2.5 litre, 265 BHP engine, running a slide-throttle and carbon air-box, short-shift gear linkage, shortened differential ratio, braided brake lines, AP brakes, brake cooling ducts, rally spec suspension, negative camber front top mounts, competition suspension bushes, short ratio steering rack, adjustable roll bars, 17” wheels with Toyo R888R tyres, Safety Devices roll cage, strut braces, Recaro rally seats with Schroth harness’s, removable Momo steering wheel, Motorsport footrest, fire extinguisher, electronic ignition cut-off and Sport Evo rear spoiler and Evo 2 front spoiler. Now it was time to see how she performed.

I am thrilled to say that the car was not just exceptional on the event but also ran faultlessly throughout. Congratulations to Jay Kay on a job well done.

Watch the videos below for a taster of the rally with Jay Kay

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