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Writers Block

This quieter time is a great opportunity to journey down memory lane. I have had a great couple of days trawling through 30 years of photographs.

I am truly blessed to have spent the last 30 years around some of the world’s most beautiful automotive engineering and having driven some of the worlds rarest road and race cars. Its been a very full 30 years and what is amazing, is how much I had forgotten.

Over the last few days I have a load of lovely emails thanking me for putting fingers to keypad and updating you guys with some of the things we have been up to. Having only achieved an F in my English GCSE, this has put me under rather a lot of pressure to write this much material.

So, as many of us are in this forced period of slumber and our grey matter needs exercising, I am calling on your help.

Get those photographs out, put pen to paper and lets hear about your most memorable motoring experiences. Do not fret, you are not being judged on literacy talent, we just want to hear some of your stories to publish in our newsletter. This might be passing your driving test, best road trip, first rally or motor race.

All published stories receive a present in the post and a special gift for the best story!

Please email all entries to

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