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Readers Drives - Nadim from Australia

This story arrived in my inbox this morning and it made me smile. All of you that know me, understand just how much I love my work. Its not just about the cars though. Its also about the people. We all share a common interest but come from all over the world and different walks of life. That is what makes it so interesting and has made me some truly great friends.

Hi my name is Nadim and my insta account is @euroklassica. I’d like to share a brief story regarding my E30 M3. I reside in Australia and the M3 I purchased 4 years ago is a 1987 Spanish delivered car.

Shortly after purchasing I inspected some of the documentation where I found some names of previous owners. I Facebook searched the name from a document dated 1987 to no avail. A year or so later I found myself looking through the documents and decided to search again, this time with slightly different spelling of this persons surname. Low and behold, I had found the original owner of the car who was still active on Facebook.

I sent him a facebook message and as you could imagine he was quite delighted and was happy to share some memories of the car he purchased so long ago. He was even able to send me some photos.

We are still in touch today and he loves keeping updated on my journey with his E30 M3.

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