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Captain Tom

Today’s newsletter can only be about one man. A massive Happy Birthday to you Captain Tom! You have made us all extremely proud and humble.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find him fascinating to watch and quite inspirational. It is clear that he is an exceptionally kind man who has spent his life putting others first whilst being truly energetic and positive about his own life.

He really has become our Winston Churchill in the battle against Covid-19 and raised morale and inspired so many. He has touched us all and motivated so many. Not just to be more positive but also to get out and do our bit. His miraculous walk to £31,000,000 has had so many spin-offs. Many people rising to the occasion for our NHS. I wonder what the final sum will be? Not just by Tom but also the many people that were motivated to do some extraordinary things during lockdown to raise money. Well done to you all for your Herculean efforts.

I am very aware that my family and staff are at the privileged end of this spectrum. Geography has helped keep us safe and we are all at home with our lovely families making the most of this forced quality time. Professionally, I have been moved. It has been amazing just how much kindness Classic Heroes has experienced from so many of our customers. Not just checking how we all are, but also enormous generosity and support from customers paying bills early, paying for car storage in advance and even offers to pay for restoration work that as of yet has not been started. The kindness has been quite overwhelming. I thank you all. I hope that other small businesses have had the same level of generosity from their customers.

I am working hard on many projects during this lockdown but it goes without saying that I have more spare time on my hands than usual. I have found myself thinking about those less fortunate and there are many. Not just those who’s health has been affected or those that have lost loved ones but also the families suffering from financial worry or terrible loneliness. And Oh what a difference a sunny garden makes!

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