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Extended Storage Facility Completion

It's not been easy but we have finally cracked it. Our new 35 car storage facility is complete and ready to receive customers cars for winter storage. Some have already started to arrive.

It's been a bit emotional and a struggle having been badly let down by some particularly disorganised builders, we called on some great old friends who specialise in different aspects of construction and together they all worked together and pulled it off. We are eternally grateful for all their efforts. The unit looks superb and is an awesome addition to the Classic Heroes facility.

This now takes our total storage capacity up to 70 cars with room for a few classic motorcycles.

We are located in Buxted, East Sussex. The train from Buxted to London Bridge is conveniently only just over one hour.

If you are still looking for storage, do not hesitate to contact us for a natter about our services.

So it's a big thanks to our builder friends and the team here at Classic Heroes for all pulling together and getting this all completed. We are thrilled!


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