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Fast Freddie flies in ….RS250R

We have always been huge fans of all things two wheeled, especially the more sporting variants. A few years ago we were fortunate enough to add a beautiful low mileage Honda RC30 to our collection which, as you would expect, whetted our appetite for two wheeled fun even more. After years of searching we finally added a really special 1989 Honda RDO3 Africa Twin to the stable; again fully resplendent in HRC colours. So with a legendary sports bike and the original adventure bike now in the collection what next? The only answer of course was a fully blown race bike! The search was on. So, on an unscheduled visit to an old friend, we were stunned to find this beautiful Honda RS250R proudly sitting on display in his living room. Resplendent in Rothmans livery, this un-raced, lightly used mid 80’s HRC special just took our breath away; especially the cheeky reference to Fast Freddie Spencer and his iconic success on Rothmans liveried Honda’s in the 1985 250 and 500 GP championships. After a long chat and quite a bit of arm twisting our friend finally agreed to sell us the bike to enable us to complete our small collection of iconic HRC bikes.

This little beast is not for the feint hearted as it has a penchant for aviation fuel and despite only weighing circa 90 kg’s, it produces nearly 90bhp from its twin cylinder 250cc engine. It also screams like a banshee as only two stroke engines can. Rest assured we will be running it regularly down at the Classic Heroes HQ and it will be proudly on display in our showroom for you guys to take a look at when you next visit.

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