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John Sprinzel, Champion Racing and Rally Driver and Sportscar Dealer

It was with real sadness that we heard that John Sprinzel, the Champion racing and rally driver and sportscar dealer had died at the ripe old age of 90.

John was born in Berlin in 1930 and was a huge character in the automotive world. He started his career as an apprenticed printer unil his call up for national service in the RAF, where he trained as a pilot. Once demobbed, he returned to printing but in 1957 his love of automotives led him to co-found Speedwell, where they modified A35’s, Morris Minors and later Sprites. He sold the company to Racing Driver Graham Hill when he moved to Donald Healey Motor company. Again he was involved with modifying Sprites for race, rally and fast road use. He later bought the London side of the company and John Sprinzel Racing was born.

John’s Garage, based in a Mews in Lancaster Gate, was to become a favourite haunt of the rich and famous where the special colours, sound systems and fancy trim on his Sports Cars were all the rage.

Classic Heroes has a connection with John Sprinzel’s garage as the history file for our exceptional Mini Cooper S documents that in 1967 the car was picked up brand new from the Lancaster Mews Garage before being driven to it’s first home in Switzerland. A rock and roll start to our little

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