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Some Things Are Meant To Be

This picture was taken straight after the new owners test drive.

Sometimes we are presented with cars that do not meet the usual very high standard demanded by both us and our customers.

The owners of this M3 Cecotto bought the car 20 years ago for £9,000. I know! I remember when 10K bought you a decent, full service history E30 M3. They installed a 2.5 litre motor and sympathetically modified her for track day use. It has served them superbly and performed faultlessly. Twenty years of memories. Now retired and living in Colombia, it’s time for this war horse of an M3 to find a new home. I explained that we were probably not the right people to help.

Then, by pure luck, an old friend of ours popped in to say Hi. He reminded us that he still regularly beat himself up for selling his e30 M3 20 years ago for £5,250, due to the demands of a growing family and has regretted it ever since. All of us car nuts have a similar regret lurking in the past.

He announced that he knew that with values of E30 M3s often now in six figures, he had probably missed the opportunity to scratch the e30 M3 itch again.

It was then that I thought ‘hold on’ and remembered he had a workshop at home and plenty of practical skill. I lead him in to our workshop and showed him this Cecotto.

Well, long story short. A bit of negotiating and we are delighted to have found a new home for this M3. Both parties are thrilled with the outcome. Sometimes these things are just meant to be.

The new owner never thought his bum would ever be back in the seat of an M3. He plans a couple of years of fun and the odd bit of hooliganism on track before taking it off the road and restoring back to original.

A great outcome for all!

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