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To buy or not to buy?

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many of you guys, finding the time to write and send in your Readers Drives. The quality of these amazed us all. Some closet journalist amongst you. Many of your stories set us all nattering in our Zoom meetings and we found ourselves reminiscing and giggling. Your Readers Drives caused so many spin-off stories amongst ourselves. Many of these strange and funny stories had been long forgotten and lockdown again has forced us to find the time to reminisce. There was a common dominator we noticed. Most of our nattering was based around car purchases. We thought it would be fun to hear some of your car buying stories. These might be funny, odd, emotional, it came about under strange circumstances, a purchase that completely took you by surprise, a disaster, you made a friend as a result of a purchase, unusual negotiations, swaps, met a colourful or strange character or a strange sequence of events.

Lets hear some of your car buying stories, what ever they may be.

Send your car buying stories to, we look forward to reading them.

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