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Welcome Back

We are coming to the end of our third full day at work after our return from lockdown. You all know how much I love work. It’s just great to be back and to hear voices on the end of the phone and although currently only on skeleton staff to ease us back in, I see activity in our business again. The thing that is so surprising to me is the incredible positivity I am feeling and hearing. This dratted Covid has caused such pain and upheaval for so many and yet I have been greeted by an overwhelming upbeat attitude. I am not just referring to the team here but also you guys. Its quite uplifting and shows what an optimistic bunch us car nuts are. The phone is ringing and emails landing. We are making workshop bookings, tentative discussions about taking cars out of storage for their first run of the year and even new enquiries for cars we have for sale. Already I have had discussions about track days, rally events, arranged transport of an E30 M3 and M635 CSI for restoration appraisal, have been asked to do workshop due diligence on behalf of customers who are looking at cars being sold privately, been offered three lovely cars for stock that will be available soon and have three pending car viewings. Its so great to be back and feel the start of normality returning. I I will be leaving work tonight with an enormous smile. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

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