Taking care of the customer as much as we take care of the car.

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Our customer is the hero. We promise that regardless of whether you own a classic, modern or future classic car, your experience will focus on you, your life and what you want from a driving experience.

Focus on classic and modern classic car ownership as a lifestyle. Move away from manufacturer segmentation and instead categorise cars in terms of the experiences and feelings they offer – from hot hatches and weekend sports cars to grand tourers and racing machines – it doesn’t matter if it’s a BMW, Porsche, Audi or Mini.

It’s not just the car that’s the hero – it’s the customer. For those that are time-poor yet asset rich we offer a complete package of services irrespective of manufacturer.

A one-stop shop for the management of your automotive lifestyle.

Demonstrate passion and expertise about automotive icons from the classic, modern and future classic range. Provide a friendly and knowledgeable face for impartial and enthusiastic advice – regardless of whether there is purchase intention or not.

The go-to platform both on-site and on-line for tailored technical and automotive lifestyle advice.


A focus on the customer’s automotive experience – what do they really want from a car and what can we offer them?


A community of enthusiasts who exchange information irrespective of whether they are current, previous, new or potential customers.

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E-mail: info@classicheroes.co.uk
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