Seeing what's underneath

Welcome to our RampTime channel. This is where we take an in-depth look at modern classic and classic cars up on the ramp, with commentary by Barney Halse. Find out what's important to consider when purchasing a 'classic hero' and learn about their Achilles heels, common issues and the various types of preventive maintenance that can keep your pride and joy running for years or even decades to come.

We have worked on everything: from performance BMWs, such as the E46, E36 and E30 M3 as well as various generations of BMW M5, Alpina BMWs and legends such as the M635CSi, E9 CSL or M1, all the way through to modern classic Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW and Peugeot, including icons such as the Porsche 996 and 997, the Mercedes R129 and W124, VW Golf R32 as well as the legendary 205 GTi.

We know these cars and many others well and can offer you the insight to make the right purchase or the right maintenance and restoration choices. Have a look at the videos below and get in touch to find out how we can help you with your car.

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BMW E30 M3 Film

BMW E30 M3 Film

It was a delight working with the owner of this E30 M3. Owned for many years and of course purchased all those years ago for a fraction of todays value, the car was used and enjoyed for some years as we all did with our E30 M3s back then. We bought them because we loved them and their competition success, not because we believed they would one day be valuable and actually considered a wise investment. We just drove them. Knowing the car needed some work, nothing too major he hoped and with life being rather too busy at the time, this car was taken off the road about 6 years ago. Now finding himself in a position to revisit the M3, he decided it was time to have the car properly inspected and a detailed report carried out giving him an in-depth knowledge of his pride and joy. Now obviously our job is to give the best advice with regard ownership going forward and most importantly ensure that the owner is doing the right thing with the right car. To do that the owner must be heard. We need to listen carefully to his requirements and expectations for the car. Make sure we produce a restored car that fits around his needs. Only then will the owner get the full enjoyment he deserves. He explained that he wanted an M3 that had all the right integrity, structurally superb, future proofed, and mechanically rebuilt including the engine to produce him an M3 that not just made him proud but was turn-key. Its lovely to have prepared an E30 M3 that will actually get driven!
BMW E36 M3 Evo Individual GT Structural Restoration

BMW E36 M3 Evo Individual GT Structural Restoration

Our job when inspecting a car on behalf of the owner is to offer our very best advice and help that customer plan for the future. So often classic cars stories are negative and about nasty surprises. These expensive disasters can often be avoided with a proper inspection of your car and decent advice from a specialist. Our job here was made easier as our customer this time is a highly skilled technician and engineer. We discussed many aspects of the cars maintenance and care going forward over the phone before the car was delivered to our workshop. The conversation with him post our inspection and report was made easier than usual due to his professional background, but even he would admit that he may have got his priorities wrong and carried out the work to his M3 in the wrong order. This could have led to less important tasks being carried out before the cars structural integrity was preserved. It was fantastic to be able to prioritise our findings and give him an ownership plan going forward ensuring that the integrity of this rare car is preserved before anything else. We caught this E36 M3 in-time when the structural problems were still only surface corrosion. This car was only a couple of years away from having to have a rather more costly restoration and fabrication carried out. This surface corrosion was nipped in the bud. The car will now be handed back and his very capable hands will be able to carry out the next phase of mechanical work himself.