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We offer a complete, in-house, structural, cosmetic and mechanical restoration service at Classic Heroes.  


Restoration is all about communication with our customers, and we feel that your individual needs should be the focus.


Before we embark on any work, we'll sit down for a chat with you to understand what you want from your car and together we'll develop a suitable plan of action.

BMW E9 3.0 CSL

For example, if you want a perfectly detailed engine bay, we can cadmium plate and powder coat all the engine ancillaries.


If you’d like a concours car that will win trophies, we’ll build it.


On the other hand if you want a useable classic, or a 'rolling restoration', give us a call. We can decide what needs to be done straight away so you can carry on driving and enjoying your car for the next year or so, at which point we can tackle the next stage of the restoration.

BMW Engine rebuild in the wokshop

Some examples of the services we offer:


  • We can produce bodyshells to a factory standard, with all fabrication in-house.

  • We can overhaul, engines, gearboxes and differentials in-house.

  • Cadmium plating & powder-coating of components, even down to battery clamps and bonnet catches.

  • A full trimming service.

  • We also work with a specialist paintwork partner, and the finish is often better than the factory managed! Paintwork is carried out to an incredibly high standard and with fantastic attention to detail throughout the process, from initial cleaning and preparation to the final polish.




BMW Engine bay

Whatever we do, we will preserve your vehicle’s integrity and provide turnkey reliability so you can simply enjoy your car.


Making your car brand new again

BMW Throttle Body
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