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Making the best arrangements

We make selling your car a hassle-free and pleasurable experience. We can either buy your car from you, or agree a ‘sale or return’ arrangement.

Upon appointment, your car can be delivered to us, or we can arrange to collect it. We’ll inspect the car fully and advise on any work we recommend being done before the car goes on sale to achieve the best sale price.


The car will be valeted, detailed and put into our showroom so we’re able to present the car to potential clients.

We will market the car fully on your behalf, handle all the enquiries and identify serious buyers, so you only have one point of contact throughout. We’re also connected to a global network of enthusiasts & collectors, and we’ll explore these contacts to see if anyone’s looking for a car like yours.

And most importantly, we’ll make sure we find a new custodian for your car who will care for it as much as you have.

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