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We’ve built many track-focused cars for customers over the years, and as with everything else we do, it’s your needs that define the kind of car we create.


We’ll talk through what you’re after in detail and answer the important questions that will define the build:


Is the car going to be used solely for track days? Are you trailering the car there or do you want it to remain road legal? Are you taking it on track days or competing in it? If so, what kind of events will you be competing in

Once we understand what you’re after, we can take care of it all for you.


If you’d like us to source an appropriate base vehicle, we can.


Throughout the build we’ll give you regular updates and if you’d like to pop into the workshop to see the car coming together, we’d be happy to see you.

            Here are just some of the services we offer:


  • Full chassis set up

  • Advising of suspension, damper, bush & spring & roll-bar combinations

  • Roll bar set-up & advice

  • Full geometry set up for track days

  • Safety enhancements – cages, race seats, harnesses and steering wheels, fire extinguishers and ignition cut-off

  • Engine modifications

  • Short differentials built, with advice & consultation on what ratios to choose for what track

  • Tyre, wheel, brake and pad combination


     By the time we've finished, you'll have a car that’s      

     completely bespoke to you. And of course, should your

     needs change we can develop the car further.


The first step is to chat to us. Give us a call.

Getting ready to race

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