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Sharing our knowledge & passion

Regardless of whether it comes to sorting the subframe area boot floor cracks on a BMW E46 M3, corrosion issues on a BMW E9 3.0 CSi or working on the oily bits on a Porsche 911, we have the skills and knowledge in our workshop to tackle all kinds of challenges. 

As car enthusiasts, we want to share this knowledge by showing you some of the fun and interesting projects we work on every day. Have a look at our RampTime Channel to learn about the unique characteristics and common issues affecting modern classic BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW and Alpina cars.



                      Click here to watch RampTime


Classic Heroes wouldn't be what it is without our very own Barney Halse. With several decades of experience working with and driving performance and classic cars, there is little he hasn't seen or experienced.

Barney's Vlog Channel is designed to give you a little insight into the comings and goings at Classic Heroes. Whether it be a quick tour of our current showroom or a short walk round the latest long term daily driver or restoration project that has landed in our workshop, these short films will help you experience some of the fun we are so privileged to experience week in week out.

So put the kettle on, take a seat and enjoy a well earned cuppa as we walk you though daily life at Classic Heroes.

              Click here to watch Barney's Vlog

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