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MK 2 Golf GTI 16 Valve

      he game changing introduction of the MK1 Golf is the stuff of legends. It surely must have been one of those moments when VW’s competition woke up one morning, scratched their heads and asked….Who stole our goalposts? The influence of the GTi’s introduction was massive and in many ways it is still being felt today. It has defined a whole new class of car and the GTi moniker has become the definition and standard for all manufactures who want to sell “sporty” versions of otherwise very standard and boring family cars.

Success of this scale and magnitude was fantastic for VW. But it did create one small problem. How the hell do you follow that up and how do you improve a masterpiece. The weight of expectation on their design team must have been enormous and probably quite daunting. Think of Noel Gallagher sitting down and trying to pen the tricky 2nd album after “Definitely Maybe” had been released to such critical acclaim. Well, many would argue that “(What’s the story) Morning glory” was a better all round effort and has probably stood the test of time better than Definitely Maybe. It may not have had the raw punch of the first album but as a whole, it was the deeper and more accomplished piece of work.

In many ways this is also true of the MK II Golf GTi. Launched at the Frankfurt Motor show in September 1983 the car debuted in the UK in 1984. The new MK II’s appearance was immediately and noticeably different to its predecessor. It had grown in size and weight (840KG to 920KG) and had a more rounded look. The sharp edged styling of the Mk I had been replaced with softer lines but the new car still retained the originals unmistakable silhouette.

In terms of dynamics, the new MK II was a significant step forward. VW had taken on board criticism of the MK I’s brakes and fixed that problem once and for all. Ride comfort was also improved and managed to combine impressive body control with excellent bump absorption. Turn deep into a corner on a trailing throttle and the inside rear wheel lifts high into the air and hangs there in a delicious drift until you choose to reapply the power. In short, the MK II still had bags of the MK I’s thrilling driver entertainment but it combined it with a more sensible and grown up usability.


The MK2 GTI’s most striking facelift, the 16 valve motor came in 1986. The new 16v car also featured 15-inch BBS wheels and power steering as part of its standard specification.

At Classic Heroes we have a huge soft spot for both models. We have one of each in our own collection. We use the MK I for high days and special events but the MK II is used and fully enjoyed on a daily basis. Journeys are only delayed in the real world by admiring thumbs up from fellow petrol-heads and long conversations in car parks which usually start with….. I used to have one of those, I so wish I had kept it!


Well the car we have offered for sale here is the Mk II straight out of our own collection. The time has come for us to part company and find a new home for our very special Mk II. We have known the car virtually it’s whole life. The first owner is one of our very first clients and placed an order for the car on 23th July 1990 with Scotts of Sloane Square. The original order form and all supporting documents, invoices, MOT’s as well as original sales brochures accompany the car. Rarely will you find a MK II Golf with a history file as comprehensive and well documented as this.


The original order form ticked all the right boxes. In many ways this car represents the pinnacle and most desirable specification of any MK II Golf; 16v, 3 door, Brilliant Metallic Black, Big Bumper, Sunroof and factory fitted electric Recaro Seats. This Golf has been maintained regardless of cost through its whole life and as you would expect with one of our own cars is turnkey reliable. Over the course of it’s 27 year life in excess of £48,000 has been spent on maintenance and repairs. The extent of the work undertaken is simply too long to be listed here but is fully documented and catalogued in the history file. A separate supply of rare parts and interior trim is also available for purchase if so required.


Having covered 129,908 miles, this fantastic Mk II Golf GTi is an affordable entry into modern classic car ownership that is now becoming increasingly difficult to access. Useable on a daily basis, practical for the family, analogue rather than digital and more head turning than you will ever know. Our MK II Golf will be very sadly missed. 



3 Door

MK 2 Golf GTI 16 Valve

2 Owners

129,908 Miles

Full service history from new, supporting documents and MOT’s

Brilliant Metallic Black

Grey cloth trim

15” BBS Split Rims. The car comes with the original alloy wheels

Big Bumpers

Electric adjustable Recaro seats


Central locking

Rear headrests

Electric mirrors

The car will pass through our workshops before leaving and will have a full service, PDI and a new MOT.

Please call for further information. Detailed pictures and copies of the service history.

     Please contact Barney for full details of this MK 2 Golf

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