The Customer is at the heart of everything we do



We feel that all too often the car is the centre of attention, rather than its owner.


We’ve created an environment of total integrity and honesty so everyone, from the most knowledgeable ‘car geek’ to someone who simply wants turnkey motoring without ever lifting the bonnet feels at home.


We pride ourselves on the fact that the service every customer receives is without compromise.


We never lower our standards; no car leaves the workshop before being road-tested and double-checked and no car is offered for sale unless it’s of a standard that we would put into our own collection. To see exactly what we mean and the challenges we tackle every day, visit our RampTime Video Channel.

Meet Barney

Barney has an international reputation for technical excellence combined with infectious enthusiasm for motorsport-inspired classics. 


He developed a passion for petrol at the age of ten when his father bought a 3.0 CSL. A childhood spent in the company of 911s, 928s, Alpinas and CSLs then led to him following in his father's footsteps and taking over his car business. Barney successfuly carried on the concept of a one stop shop for all the needs of classic car owners. And that passion for cars and their owners is what drives Classic Heroes today. Learn from Barney's experience and take advantage of his insight at Barney's Vlog Video Channel.


Meet Steve

When Steve left school in 1989 he only had one thing on his mind: cars. That's what brought him to the RS Centre at Ford, where he began a 3 year apprenticeship. He then went on to study at Redhill College, passing his advanced exams with flying colours. 

Steve has 15 years experience in BMW Motorsport and now runs the Classic Heroes workshop with the same dedication and passion for classic cars he had when he was young.


Meet Jack

Jack is a passionate car enthusiast and a long-term customer of Barney’s. Jack had always been impressed with ‘the Barney way’ of doing things, and that he gave Jack complete confidence and security in owning classic cars without the fear of any nasty surprises, so they decided to join forces.


The rest, as they say, is history!


Meet Ray

Ray had a love of all things mechanised as a child

and always knew where he wanted his career to take him.


After an apprenticeship with Vauxhall, Ray's love of German brands took him to BMW where he realised he had found his niche. After a spell with TVR and Land Rover, Ray's passion for BMW brought him to join Barney in 2003. His extensive knowledge and experience are an asset to the Classic Heroes team.




Zak has lived and breathed cars since he was a young boy, spending his weekends and evenings working on different petrol projects with Barney.


His enthusiasm and hard work make him an asset to the Classic Heroes team.

Dave offers a wealth of experience. His early career like most motoring engineers, meant an apprenticeship at a local garage in Seaford. On completion of his apprenticeship and City & Guilds in 1990, and as a keen car nut, Dave was soon looking for more exciting opportunities.  Spells in other garages soon bought Dave to his dream job.


The next decade was spent restoring, maintaining and supporting some of the world’s most famous competition Jaguars at race circuits all over the UK, Spa, Nürburgring, Dijon and the Historic Mille Miglia.  C-Types, XKs, D-Types, Low Drag E-Types were Dave’s daily bread and butter along with the odd GT40.  


Kids and family life now bring Dave closer to home. His enthusiasm for all things automotive have made him an essential part of the workshop team.  His restoration, fabrication and mechanical skills make Dave a joy to work with.


Meet Diana

Diana is Barney's right hand man, dealing with the website, customer service and general administration.



Meet Simon

Simon takes care of Customer Service and Operations whilst trying to restore some form of organisation and order into Barney’s life.


Being very handy with a camera he also takes many photos for our website with the odd video thrown in for good measure. 


Loving anything petrol driven, Simon is in his element surrounded by the Classic Heroes.

Don't be fooled by her angelic face and butter-wouldn't-melt smile, as our new COO lily will be responsible for designing, implementing and overseeing business operations and strategy! 

Let's just say, you wont be wanting her coming after you for an unpaid invoice ;-)

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