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BMW E30 M3 - Sport Evolution


      wenty nine years after its birth, the E30 M3 is still recognised by the press and motoring enthusiasts alike as one of the most well balanced and flattering saloon car chassis of all time.


A perfect blend of handling and horse power still charm and amaze even the most experienced of race drivers. The first generation M3 has the ability to humiliate even some of the very latest machinery in the wet. All this fused with road drivability and affordable running costs.


The infamous Sport Evolution was the final and most developed of the original M3 family. 600 Sport Evolutions, or EVO III’s as they are sometimes known, were built between December 1989 and March 1990. Available only in Brilliant Red or Jet Black, they were powered by the already legendary S14 motor, but this time in 2.5 litre form. The result was an increase in power to 238bhp at 7000rpm and 177lb ft of torque at 4750 rpm. Unique bodywork featured modified front wings, adjustable front and rear spoilers, two tone 16” wheels, removal of the touring fuel tank, a longer 3.15-1 diff ratio, suede steering wheel and gearknob, red seat belts and finally, Recaro front seats with harness holes ready for action.

Classic Heroes has recently taken in to stock this stunning Sport Evolution and as we speak the car is passing through our workshop for our normal and fastidious sales preparation. The car will be presented to the new owner in stunning cosmetic condition but more importantly knowing that the car is 100% corrosion free, all original panels and never accident damaged. After underside cleaning the shell will be treated with a clear wax to ensure long-term preservation. Mechanically the car will want for nothing and the all so important age related preventive maintenance will be up to date ensuring turnkey reliability. Our workshop job sheet below gives you an insight in to the very high level of preparation we provide at Classic Heroes.



  • Carry out Inspection II service


  • Carry out Annual check


  • Remove engine to detail engine bay, paint as required


  • Replace rear gearbox oil seals


  • Repair wiring to a/c compressor


  • Tidy and fit reverse light switch wiring correctly


  • Replace differential mounting


  • Replace rear roll bar dive links


  • Replace caliper bolt plugs


  • Replace o/s/r boot undertray around spare wheel well


  • Replace boot seal


  • Replace front exhaust box and gaskets


  • Replace centre exhaust rubbers


  • Replace rear shock top mounts


  • Replace fuel hoses and clips around fuel pump


  • Clean engine and replace sump gaskets, cam cover gaskets, rear cam carrier gasket, distributor oil seal and timing chain tensioner seal


  • Replace rear heater hose and clips


  • Replace fuse box cover


  • Replace headlight rings


  • Replace steering wheel. (worn alcantara)


  • Replace steering column undertray clips


  • Remove old alarm system


  • Replace radiator


  • Replace rad return hose and clips


  • Replace 8×13mm coolant hoses and clips


  • Replace general incorrect hose clips


  • Clean and polish cam cover


  • Replace fuel pressure regulator hose


  • Tighten loose seat backs


  • Carry out air condition service


  • Replace battery tray clips


  • Replace tool cover plastic knurled nut


  • Replace rear bulkhead boot trim plastic rivets


  • Fit E46 M3 timing chain tensioner


  • Tidy engine bay wiring with correct loom tape


  • Replace alternator bushes and adjust belts


  • Replace washer pump


  • Replace missing washer pump grommet


  • Reinstall engine


  • Road test car and MOT




  • Strip car as required and remove front bumper/spoiler and undertrays etc.

  • Remove sill skirts


  • Clean all underside very small areas of surface corrosion to bare metal. Treat with Kurust, etch primer, spray with Gravitex and paint as required


  • Attend to surface corrosion along front panel and paint as required

I personally imported this car from Italy in 1998 and have been responsible for the majority of her care since then. I have sold her to every UK owner since arrival. The current owner is a serial BMW collector with a truly awesome collection of historic BMW race cars. Prior to him I sold the car to Frank Sytner of Sytner BMW Group and famous BMW race driver who actually won the 1988 British Touring Car Championship driving an E30 M3. A copy V5 is still in the history file showing him as the owner.

The car will be delivered with BMW birth certificate, all original tools, radio, floor mats, manuals, handbook, service book, original Italian registration documents, document file, importantly the copy of the V5 showing Frank Sytner as the owner and every UK MOT and spare keys.

     Please contact Barney for full details on this exceptional E30 M3.

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