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Engine Capacity

Exterior Colour

Service History



British Racing Green

Full History

        e are thrilled to be in a position to offer this very rare E36 M3 GT. The car must not be mistaken for one of the 50 cars produced for BMW GB and badged GT. The 50 right hand drive cars produced for the UK market were badge engineering. They had only the cosmetic details of the true M3 GT and painted in British Racing Green. These 50 UK cars did not feature the mechanical upgrades that were fitted to the true left-hand drive M3 GTs. They were M3 Individuals.



Only 356 of these left-hand drive M3 GTs were built to homologate a number of parts for the 3.0 M3s being run in the Internationale FIA-GT-Series and IMSA GT-Series.

All 356 cars were produced in British Racing Green and featured the stunning black Alcantara seats with Mexico green leather inserts with stitched in leather Motorsport stripes to the corners of the seats. The car featured carbon-fibre interior panels and it should be remembered that this was still space age material and rarely seen back in 1995. The BMW Motorsport International badge was fitted inside above the glove box and to both exterior door moulding strips. More importantly, GT spoilers were installed front and rear.  Aerodynamics could be changed by extending the front spoiler lower blade in and out to suit, whilst the height of the rear spoiler could be increased by approximately 90mm with two special spoiler spacers packed in the boot. 17” BMW Motorsport wheels were fitted with 7.5” front and wider 8.5” rims on the rear. The brakes remained standard E36 M3 but the suspension was tweaked with Motorsport uprated springs and shocks. Under the engine bay there was little visible difference except for the fitment of the very nicely engineered Motorsport strut brace.  These proper GTs were then fitted with a modified engine for homologation purposes.  Higher lift 264-degree camshafts were installed with remapped engine and Vanos software.  The sump was changed to accommodate a modified and enhanced oil pump with dual pickups.  Power rose to 295 bhp. A shorter ratio limited slip differential was used at 3.23-1 and the top speed limit removed giving a staggering top speed of 171 MPH. Finally, a small amount of weight saving was achieved by using alloy doors. 

Apart from the simple fact that this shade of British Racing Green looked utterly stunning on the E36 M3, it has never been explained to me quite how this iconic British racing colour ended up on a German homologation special. The nerds amongst you may like to know a little more about the history of BRG. In 1903, motor racing was illegal in England. That years Gordon Bennett Cup was held in Ireland.  As a mark of respect to their Irish hosts, the British cars where painted Shamrock Green.  That was the beginning of green being used as the national race colour for British cars.



Interior Colour




Alcantara / Mexico Green Leather

1 UK Owner

The car is totally original and unmodified in anyway. 100% accident free and retaining all original panels with no structural corrosion.  We shall be preparing the car to as new condition for the lucky next owner. We will take a deposit for the car and she will pass through our workshop for an extraordinary level of cosmetic, age related mechanical and future proofing work, ensuring show condition and utter usability with total reliability without irritating age-related surprises. 


British Racing Green

Black Alcantara with Mexico Green leather inserts

Carbon Interior Inserts

Built September 1995

1 Owner since UK registration. 

Full and documented service history

96,000 miles

Driver and passenger air bags


Sports seats

Sports steering wheel

Factory alarm / immobiliser

Rear blind

Factory velour mats

Warning triangle and first aid kit

Heated front seats

Headlight level device

Air conditioning

On-board computer

Below is listed a summary of the work being carried out:

Carry out bare-metal respray of complete car. Reassemble car with new seals, gaskets and trim as required, sill trims, badges, arch liners, and all clips and fixings. Replace front screen with top tint version Replace Interior components as required.  

Thoroughly wash underside of car and inspect original product. Carry out underside detail updating any underside product back to original. Protect car and components with clear cavity wax and Tectyl ML. Detail under bonnet and clean. 

Carry out major mechanical age related rebuild with focus on preventive work. Rebuild all brake calipers and plate, replace brakes, suspension bushes, ball joints, gaiters, track rods and wishbones as required. Replace shock absorbers and top mounts.  Replace prop shaft coupling and bearing. Replace gearbox oil seals, Replace differential oil seals. Replace clutch slave cylinder and clutch hose. Replace brake hoses. Reassemble with new water pump, thermostat, new coolant and heater hoses, new front and rear fuel hoses. Replace all tyres. Replace battery and breather, replace exhaust mounts. Refurbish cam cover.  Carry out Inspection II service, new brake fluid and coolant and new MOT. 

All the above work will be photographed and filmed as part of the car’s history file. 

The car will be extensively road tested upon completion of this work and reinspected prior to sign off and handover.

This GT will pass to the new owner in approximately 8 months with all original tools, radio, keys, service wallet, manuals handbooks, fully stamped service book and document file.

Please enquire with Barney for further details on this Incredibly rare E36 M3 GT.

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