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Finding the right car for you

Are you looking for a specific make and model of car? Is there a rare model that you’ve always longed to own? Maybe you want to relive the experience of a car you owned years ago, but can’t find a good one?

Over many years in the car world we’ve developed a large number of contacts across Europe and the world; so if you’re having trouble finding the car of your dreams, get in touch.

We’ll have a chat to understand your requirements and then we’ll take care of everything for you; from contacting current owners to ask if they’re ready to sell?

If the car has integrity (a complete service and maintenance history, for example) and it seems like a good ownership proposition, we can either inspect the car at Classic Heroes HQ, or travel to the vehicle to conduct a full inspection and report back.


Once all of our due diligence is done, we can negotiate on your behalf, complete the sale and arrange for the car to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Give us a call and we’ll help you get into the driver’s seat.


From insurance valuations to estate sales, we can help you understand the current and future value of your classic.

In a rising market it’s important to keep track of the value of your car and ensure that it’s not underinsured. It’s surprising how often cars are undervalued, even when on ‘agreed valuation’ policies.

We can professionally assess your car, and provide advice on which insurer will provide the best level of cover for your car.

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