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Readers Drives...Buy the best (and don't buy the first you see)

Nothing makes us happier at Classic Heroes than a truly satisfied customer and we would like to thank the new owner of this fantastic M635CSi for sharing his first driving exoeriences with us.

‘Buy the best’ (or worst) all the Classic Car magazines say. I had never done that ‘till this summer. I had bought the best I could afford, or the best I had seen but never ‘THE BEST’. I reckon I have now. They also say ‘Don’t buy the first one you see’ – well, I followed one of the rules!

Last winter I decided that a BMW M635CSi was the next old car for me. I wanted a pre facelift car ideally in red and with cloth rather than leather seats. Pleasant hours were spent purusing the various classic car websites and car magazines. I spotted a perfect looking M635CSi at Classic Heroes. It sounded expensive so I resisted calling.

A week or two passed and I decided there was no harm in at least phoning to discuss the car. It was expensive! I resisted but after a couple more weeks decided there was no harm found to see the car, if only as a benchmark against which to measure other vehicles. Besides no one buys the first car they see…

I went for a test drive with Barney and my best efforts at ‘car buyers poker face’ deserted me and a broad smile broke out. What a car! Fantastic to drive, with an ‘as new’ quality I had not seen in any old car before. The vehicle had obviously been the former owners pride and joy and the sales process with Barney was half sales pitch and half interview so that he could satisfy the original owner that my intentions were honourable!

A deal was struck and a couple of weeks later I collected the car. My drive home on the A272 was a delight with the car offering a perfect blend of (better than) modern car performance with the lovely feedback that you get from an older quality vehicle. The sound and go from the 3.5 litre engine is as fantastic as all the road tests I read as a young man promised.

The car is genuinely faultless and I am not surprised the original owner was so sad to see the car go. I hope that life will allow me to keep, enjoy and look after the car for the 30 years that the original owner did.

Happy M635CSi buyer

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