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Workshop Week

Alpina B3 bi-turbo convertible (E93)

The sleek, grey machine above had an unfortunate incident with a lorry when parked outside the owner’s house in London, that damaged the Alpina-specific bumper, so repairs in the form of plastic welding and paintwork were required.

As part of the Classic Heroes service we picked the car up from the owner’s house, carried out the repairs and returned it back home – all whilst the owner was away on holiday.

Car (and customer) pick-up and drop-off is just one of the bespoke services we offer. Just give Barney a call to find out more.

BMW M3 (E46)

The silver M3 on our ramp was undergoing an inspection II service, valve clearances and an MOT whilst in our care. The fastidious owner insists upon an oil change each year, despite the two-year service prescribed by BMW. We fitted an off-side wishbone and bush for the MOT, and finally got out our endoscope (a camera at the end of some fibre-optic cable) to inspect the rear subframe mounting bolts. As you may know, these are the Achilles heel of the e46 model and can cause cracks in the boot floor and eventually lead to the subframe parting company from the floor completely, so a thorough visual check is an essential part of the preventative maintenance schedule.

Z4M Roadster roused from slumber for British Isles trip

This lovely Z4M is a resident in our long-term storage facility, whist its owner is a resident of Singapore. He was over with his partner for a two-week British tour and hadn’t seen the car in nine months. Prior to his arrival we swapped the original wheels for the CSL rims (pictured), which we feel suit the low-slung, muscular stance of the car perfectly (the factory-supplied wheels will stay here with us); replaced the leaking air-conditioning condenser and gave it a full service, so when they arrived it was ready for their enjoyment – just add fuel.

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