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Estate of consciousness!

I sold this M5 Touring to the current owner in 1997 and have been responsible for its care ever since.

There can be no other M5 Touring to have had such an interesting and cosseted life. Since 1997 the car has done very few miles each year having only been used during the summer for special road trips. During this time the car has been permanently garaged.

Anybody who has knowledge of the E34 model, will know the terrible corrosion problems these cars suffered from especially behind those M5 sill covers. Finding E34 M5s today that have never been rusty and never needed restoration is almost impossible. Well this is one of the few that is totally original, corrosion free and unrestored. The underside of this car is a true credit to the fastidious care carried out over the last 21 years.

This particular M5 Touring has had a colourful life as the current owner worked at McLaren on the F1 road car project. He was actually one of only

6 employees authorised to drive the McLaren F1 at the factory. His rare Touring was always much admired by the McLaren team and had some famous bums in its passenger seat.

I look forward to telling the lucky new owner the full story of this car and its owner.

It is fair to say that this has to be the most original, unmolested M5 Touring available today.


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