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Tools or Treasure

Isn’t it funny, when we buy a new car the last thing we spare little or no thought for are the accessories it comes with. Over the years, kids pilfer them to repair their bikes, never to be returned or, we use, abuse and lose them with not a care in the world.

But as time rushes by and our pride and joy transitions from new car to classic car, our thought process changes. That one missing spanner, screw driver or original first aid kit is the only thing left to think about. It drives us mad! We know only too well that the car is incomplete albeit in a very minor way. We want every box ticked, so the search for the Holy Grail begins.

Whilst with some cars this doesn’t present a problem as they were mass produced, it does however create a headache for those produced in limited numbers. Finding individual items can be tricky but doable, far more difficult if you’re after a complete set. That’s a whole different ball game.

If you’re lucky you’ll find a set of what you are looking for, but will it be complete? Will the components be original or did the previous owner replace parts the kids nicked with something totally different just to fill a hole in the tool roll?

Then the manufacturer throws a curve ball. Tool trays were mass produced with a standard set of recesses to house the tools snuggly. These were fitted across many different models throughout the range, but not all models required the same tools. Inevitably the tool tray would not necessarily have all the tool recesses filled with nice shiny chrome tools. Fast forward many years to the new fastidious owner of this now classic car. They would be driven mad wondering what went in the empty recess and spend every waking minute trawling the internet and forums trying to identify the missing pieces before they realised it was nothing more than a wild goose chase.

On the rare occasion you manage to identify that complete set of tools, all original and in pristine condition, you are then to be faced with a high price tag. I nearly fell off my chair having recently read about a Ferrari 275 tool kit that went up for auction at Southerby’s. The tool kit was complete however, it had seen a fair amount of action in its time. This rare find, fetched an eye-watering £19,200. Yikes, the same price as a brand new Jeep Renegade.

One of our valued customers has recently presented us with a rare, unused and pristine tool roll as well as an unopened first aid kit. We now find ourselves on a mission to reunite these items with the car they originally came from, the first ever M car from BMW’s Motorsport division, the legendary E26 M1.

So if you’re a lucky owner of an M1, but unlucky not to have the original tools and first aid box, please contact Barney. Price £3000.

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