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Simply The Best

Some of you may have seen this car recently pass through the Brooklands Historic Auction at Ascot.

We were asked to carry out due diligence on the car enabling our customer to bid with an in-depth knowledge of the good, the bad and the ugly of this car.

No doubt, this BMW 2500 is one of the best left in existence and represents an opportunity to own one of the finest and most original E3's in the UK.

The structural condition of the car is extraordinary and has never been welded. The exterior brightwork is stunning only showing the very slightest bit of age related patina. The interior blew our minds. It has to be the best E3 interior we have ever seen. Un-marked, as new and even the original radio still fitted. How often do you see a 45 year old car still with complete service wallet, handbooks and even a fully stamped service book?

The negative was the average quality respray that the car had not in the too distant past. The respray was hurried and carried out without even removing the glass. So although incredibly shiny and red, the paintwork is by no means perfect. There is the very earliest signs or swelling caused by corrosion in the rear arches. It should be remembered though, it’s easy to pick holes in workmanship carried out a decade or so ago to these cars but remember, the car was almost worthless a few years back.

Our customer was successful with his bid at Ascot and the car is now in our workshops.

The first phase of work will now be carried out. A full mechanical make over including all hydraulics rebuilt, fully serviced, carburettors tuned and balanced, every single suspension bush, ball joint and gaiter, new coolant and fuel hoses, wheel bearings adjusted, new fan coupling, gearbox oil seals, differential oil seals, electronic ignition, new tyres, engine mounts, gearbox mount, differential mount replaced, new thermostat, water-pump and belts and finally, replacing the shocks with Bilstein's just making the ride feel slightly more modern and sporty but without removing the comfort. The car will be as usable and turnkey as the day it was new having had the age related failures eliminated with this programme of work.

New black and grey flecked Cocomats will be fitted to ensure the correct period look and total protection of those original carpets.

This first phase of work will put the car in to a condition where the owner can enjoy her all summer and use her for some long road trips he has planned.

The next phase will be converting the current differential to a limited slip diff and installing a Getrag 265/6, 5 speed overdrive gearbox. This gives a taller top with the addition of a 5th ratio making the car just a little more relaxing on long runs.

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