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Happy Birthday

We had an extremely busy week. We’ve been carrying out a bit of a spring cleaning, some decorating, but, more importantly, producing three new films and mountains of new photographs for our website. This all took a massive amount of effort, late nights and working a few weekends in preparation. One always puts this type of work off as it’s so disruptive and brings the day to day business of running a garage to a standstill. That’s why we try and do so much of this activity at night and at weekends, ensuring we can still operate the workshop and meet with our many visitors to Classic Heroes without interruption.

Simon in the office here, who is a superb photographer, now has a bank of about 400 beautiful photographs. This morning I have been shown first cuts of the films and they’re just amazing. I look forward to sharing all this new material with you guys very soon.

Now, I would not class myself as a sentimental old git, but this hard work and the great results we achieved caused me to reflect. Although many of you have known me for decades and some since I started in this business thirty years ago, I suddenly realised that Classic Heroes has just turned 10 years old. This milestone nearly passed by without a mention or hint of a celebration. I then took time to reflect and to look around and found myself hit by a feeling of great pride. On the Saturday that the filming and photography was due to start, every single member of staff turned up for work. I never asked them to work and never expected the guys to give up their free time. This collective group effort was fabulous. When thanking the team for this above and beyond the call of duty level of effort, they all said the same thing: “We enjoy being part of this, Barney”.

I’m incredibly proud of the team we’ve created here at Classic Heroes. I was left pondering how many companies carrying out marketing work, outside of normal working hours, would have every single member of staff turn up to help because they wanted to help and be part of it? I think it’s amazing and the team’s care, dedication and enthusiasm can be seen in all the work we do here at Classic Heroes. I really was touched by the support.

I asked a few customers, if I could borrow their cars for photography and filming, and again was stunned by the overwhelming reaction. “Of course you can borrow the car Barney”. “I would love my car to be part of that”.

We’re so lucky here at Classic Heroes and we are all so proud of being part of a team that has built something really quite special. A place we all love to work in, take enormous pride in, and a place that our customers love to visit. They tell me it feels like visiting their private club. One customer told me that I had inadvertently become his therapist (poor him). We have such lovely customers. I love the relationship that our customers have with the workshop team. They want to interact with the person working on their car and to build a personal relationship with them, not just with Simon and me in the office. The relationship we all have with our customers gives me and all the team such pleasure.

So, it’s a massive thanks to all our customers, and my team for making Classic Heroes such a great place to visit and work.

Happy 10th Birthday Classic Heroes.

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