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Artwerk: Fun Fun Fun in der Autobahn

We must have been especially good this year as Santa Claus has paid us an early visit and sprinkled some of his magic over our new storage barn. Thanks to a good friend of ours, who is a bit of a genius with a spray can, we now have a brilliant homage to some of motorsports most iconic livery’s displayed across the full length of our new barn.

This barn will be the permanent home of the Classic Heroes collection and enable us to free up precious storage space in our other barns for you guys to use. Take a look at the film and see if you can link the stripes to some of the most famous race cars to ever grace the track. We are really looking forward to seeing you down at our HQ in 2022 to show you around and have a natter about all your motoring plans over the next 12 months. 

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