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Rover Mini Cooper Sport



Engine Capacity

Exterior Colour

Service History



Tahiti Blue

Part History

     he initial launch of Mini back in the summer of 1959 was at first deemed an utter failure due to the lack of sales, although welcomed and highly reviewed by the motoring press at the time. Who was to know what would happen next? Alec Issigonis designed the Mini to be affordable, spacious and easy to drive, never did it cross his mind that he would have designed, what would now be seen as a complete game changer of the automotive industry.

A decade later, the Mini brand was stronger than ever. Four Monte Carlo Rallies under its belt and with new management in the name of British Leyland, they recorded a record number of sales in 1971 with sold units amounting to 318,000 cars. 1981 saw the introduction of the Rover Metro and with that came the decline in Mini sales.


With the nearing demise of British Leyland, 1990 saw the remarkable comeback of the Mini. Rover sought to take advantage with the RSP range. The new Rover Special Production range and the optional upgrade kits created by John Cooper himself, were originally supposed to be sold as a limited production, but the overwhelming response to the resurgence of Mini saw the little coupe climb back up the sales ladder.

Due to the ever-popular sports pack option that was handed out between 1997 – 2000, The Rover Group opted to create a standalone variation ‘The Mini Classic Cooper Sport’. Gone were the Old English white stripes, the Walnut dash board, Cooper logo’s and in were the full interior alloy kit, Platinum Silver and Mini Logos. Only produced between March – October in 2000, this Mk7 was one of the last Rover Mini’s before BMW’s take over.

It is nearly impossible to find pre-2000 Mini’s with complete mechanical and structural integrity that you can rely upon. Nestled in with the likes of his Rover P5B Coupe, BMW M635CSI and Chevy Grand Cherokee SRT, this little Cooper Sport has been a cherished member of his collection. We are pleased to be able to offer this low mileage Mini with an owner whose attitude to future-proofing and maintenance is second to none.



Interior Colour




Nickel Silver / Black Leather



Rover Mini Cooper Sport
43,800 miles
Tahiti Blue
Nickel Silver / Black interior
Platinum Silver roof and mirrors
5 Previous owners
Alloy dashboard, window winders & door handles
K&N 57i air filter induction kit

The car has previously passed through our workshop for the usual Hero Motor Company future-proofing programme. In addition to the routine service, the car has benefited from the following ensuring turnkey motoring and no nasty surprises:

  • Major service and adjust valve clearances

  • Balance all wheels

  • Replace o/s wiper spindle assembly

  • Adjust washer jets

  • Investigate fault horn, replace horn, replace faulty steering wheel slip ring, make up new wiring loom

  • Replace fuse for indicators. Replace n/s/r and o/s/r, replace n/s/f indicator bulb and number plate light bulbs.

  • Replace rear exhaust mount, make up and weld on new centre mounting

  • Strip front suspension, replace both top and bottom swivels, inner knuckle joints and nylon cups, replace n/s/f drive shaft gaiter, replace o/s/f tie rod, replace front shock absorber mountings replace complete outer track rods and gaiters, adjust tracking, replace n/s/f brake back plate.

  • Replace both rear sub-frame bushes

  • Replace brake servo, brake master cylinder, rear brake hoses and bleed brakes.

  • Remove thermostat housing, media blast, replace with new gasket and replace temp sensor.

  • Replace clutch slave cylinder and bleed clutch

  • Replace engine breather hoses and vacuum hoses

  • Replace bonnet switch

  • Replace oil filler cap

  • Replace top coolant hose and bracket. Replace coolant

  • Clean surface corrosion to rear valance and returns. Treat areas with corrosion neutraliser, prime, seam seal joints, apply stone-chip product and paint as required.

The car will be handed over to the new owner with its original handbook, MOT’s dating back to 2006, Invoices back to 2012 and a note from one of the previous owners explaining a flood that ruined some of the history file pre – 2012.

Please enquire with Barney for further details

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